Board driven Test (scripted by me). The test outline given was Ben fights Zombozo in a warehouse. Use any aliens of his and try to keep the Ben 10 style voice through the writing.
My mostly original draft of the 3rd act of the 2nd half of the Ducktales pilot movie. Obviously this HAD to be cut down for time as well as some straggling storylines that we had to drop. This was my first board with Ducktales and I had so much fun with this episode and knew from day 1 I was going to love working on this show. Directed by John Aoshima
A board from Justice League Action. Some scenes were removed for time and other action was later plussed by my director, but this is the cut I have. I stuck in some audio from the final episode so it’s a little choppy to make it fit the board. Directed by Shaunt Nigoghossian

An alternate ending the wasn’t used for story purposes on Justice League Action episode “Playdate” Shaunt Nigoghossian


A short for Warner Bros “Batman Unlimited” Directed by Jake Castorena


A short for Warner Bros “Batman Unlimited” Directed by Jake Castorena


Ben 10 Episode “Universe Vs Ben Tennyson” Directed by Jae Woo Kim


Ben 10 Episode “The Vengers” Directed by Jae Woo Kim


Be Cool Scooby Doo Episode “Be Cold Scooby Doo”  This is only a rough as I was moved to Justice League Action before the clean up. Directed by Jeff Mednikow.